Grantmaking Approach

The Just Transition Fund is guided by a deep belief in the power and wisdom of communities to solve their own problems. We also recognize that these communities need support, resources, and connections to create transformational change. We believe that frontline communities—those most affected—need the most assistance. Our programs prioritize support for community-based organizations that are firmly rooted in the priority places in which we work and that embrace the goals of the Fund. We recognize the importance of building the capacity of groups in the long-term, however the Fund also understands the importance of being nimble in order to respond to immediate opportunities. For this reason, we have grantmaking cycles that address multiple needs, including our recently launched Rapid Response Fund. The Rapid Response Fund is designed to help advocates respond to emerging threats and opportunities in real time, and has helped communities access U.S. Economic Development Administration and Appalachian Regional Commission funds

Capacity-Building Grants

Through its capacity-building grants, the Just Transition Fund provides critical support to help engage stakeholders, develop projects, and leverage public funding to scale local work. Initially focused on the federal POWER program, an effort to help communities negatively impacted by the changing coal economy, the Fund’s capacity-building grants helped communities enhance the competitiveness of POWER applications with grants for planning, stakeholder engagement, and technical assistance. In 2017, the Fund will continue to provide capacity building grants to strengthen local projects and leverage public and private resources to reach scale.

Transition Movement Grants

Frontline communities need connections to the broader transition movement and access to specific expertise. Through our Transition Movement grantmaking program, we support the just transition movement by advancing work in strategic communications, state policy advocacy, and grassroots organizing. Movement cycle grants also support organizations in the early stages of transition planning and those with unusual promise for advancing a new economy, with a particular emphasis on energy efficiency and renewable energy.