At the heart of its mission, the Just Transition Fund helps coal-affected communities build strong, resilient, and diversified new energy economies. We work to ensure that frontline communities—those that are economically hardest hit—are not left behind.

To address the energy transition challenge, the Fund utilizes a new philanthropic approach—acting as both a grantmaker and nonprofit innovator—to help scale community-based economic and workforce development models that create a pathway to prosperity for coal workers and communities. Through direct, grantmaking investments we’re improving the effectiveness of the field and creating innovative funding streams for transition projects to accelerate communities’ ability to respond. By arming the field with technical assistance, specialized resources, and data-driven analysis, we’re identifying replicable strategies and solutions to bring new 21st Century economic development models to coal country.

In priority places, the Fund strengthens and scales projects that align with the Fund’s commitment to sustainable economic development, equity, and energy resilience. We aim to:

  • Strengthen local economies
  • Build communities that work for all, prioritizing workers and low-income people
  • Advance environmentally-sustainable, low-carbon solutions

By creating an on-ramp for foundations, the Fund functions as a vehicle for national and regional philanthropic engagement by enabling foundations to invest directly in local, coal-affected communities.