National Economic Transition Platform

A community-driven framework for a national economic transition program, built by leaders living and working in America’s coal communities.

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Your community deserves a thriving future long after the move away from coal. We can support your community's vision to build an equitable, inclusive & sustainable local economy.

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Blueprint for Just Transition

If you are planning your community’s economic transition away from coal, we can help. Check out our guide to get started.

The Blueprint
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Across the United States, hundreds of communities are economically dependent on coal mines and coal-fired power plants. As the country undergoes a historic energy transition, we must ensure the communities and workers most affected by the resulting economic changes are not left behind.

As an innovative philanthropic initiative—part grantmaker, part catalyst—the Fund creates economic opportunity in places hardest hit by the energy transition. We find, fund, and help scale community-based transition efforts that align with our commitment to sustainable economic development, equity, and energy resilience.

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Blueprint for Just Transition

Big changes are not always embraced by communities—especially when it comes to losing a major economic underpinning, like a coal mine or coal-fired power plant. But there are ways to turn big changes into opportunities, and there are many communities that are doing just that. When you embrace change, you create your own future. The Just Transition Fund's Blueprint for Transition is a comprehensive online resource to help coal communities and local leaders create an equitable, sustainable, and inclusive future. Check it out!

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