Transition Planning

Upcoming Webinar: Advancing Community Transitions: JTF Planning Services in the Field

Join the Just Transition Fund for our upcoming webinar, Advancing Community Transitions: JTF Planning Services in the Field. On August 6th at noon (CT), learn about the JTF's transition planning services and how we partner with coal communities to plan for what's next.  Four of our partners representing labor groups, environmental nonprofit, and municipal leaders, will talk about the work that we are doing together to plan for the transition away from coal including writing grants, assessing impacts of coal plant closures,  and facilitating community conversations.

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This is the first webinar in a four-part series, which will be held over the next several months, and includes workshops focused on:

  1. JTF’s Planning Services and examples of our partnerships and resources,
  2. How to Get Started on your community transition planning, including our new Blueprint, which includes an action-oriented, six-step guide to get started for those new to transition,
  3. How to Create a Roadmap to articulate your goals and vision for the future, and
  4. Where to Find Funding to support your transition projects and programs.

Stay tuned for more details on these forthcoming events!