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The Just Transition Fund's Blueprint for Transition is a comprehensive online resource to help coal communities and local leaders create an equitable, sustainable, and inclusive future.  It includes information and resources for community-based nonprofits and municipal leaders in places where a coal asset has closed or is closing.

BuildYour Plan

Developing a plan is one of the most important steps a community can take toward a just transition. Learn where to start when building your plan with the tools below.

Build Your Plan

This free PDF document provides guidance on taking stock of impacts, engaging the community, and building a framework for action. If your community has a recent or announced coal plant or coal mine closure, this guide will help you start the process to plan for what’s next.

Additional Resources

For more tools to help your community build your plan, check out our other downloadable resources including a list of federal programs that support communities in transition and guidance on building a community response to trauma.

Leverage Policy Solutions

Learn about the various policies that exist to help states and communities address the impacts of coal plant and mine closures while maintaining a just and strong economy.

State Transition Funds

Learn how states are creating and using State Transition Funds to keep local economies vibrant while they transition away from coal.

NET Platform

The NET was crafted by local leaders to give national policymakers a framework for a comprehensive national transition program

Federal Policies and Programs

Explore federal programs to support a just transition and learn the status of pending policies that could bolster those efforts.

SeeIt in Action

Across the country, many communities have started planning for what comes next after a plant or mine closure. Learn what other communities are doing in these examples of the Blueprint for Transition in action.

Becker, MN

Planning is everything. Becker, Minnesota started their planning process seven years before the first of three generating units was to be shuttered. By planning early, being inclusive and thinking creatively, Becker has begun attracting new businesses to their community to help offset the impact of future plant closures.

Mingo County, WV

Mingo County, WV was a hub of activity in its coal heyday. As the energy industry shifts away from coal, Mingo County now has thousands of acres of former coal plant and mine sites. Through persistence and partnership, Mingo County is planning for and building a new and diverse economy through the redevelopment of former coal related properties.