2019 Grantees

The following list includes all grants that JTF has made in 2019 to date. 2019 grantmaking cycles are still in progress, and the list will be expanded as these cycles are completed.

Community Economic and Workforce Development +

Coalfield Development Corporation
Wayne, WV
Coalfield Development Corporation addresses the acute lack of jobs and economic diversity in West Virginia coalfield communities through committing to a just and equitable transition via holistic workforce training and market-shaped approaches that create jobs. JTF support will help the group continue its Workforce Readiness and Professional Success program, a six-month training experience that provides trainees with an introduction to basic employment protocols, paid on-the-job-training, experiential engagements with other employers, desirable professional certificates, and a deep dive into personal development to uncover and address potential barriers to long-term professional success.

Mountain Association for Community Economic Development
Berea, KY
The Mountain Association for Community Economic Development (MACED) works to create economic opportunity, strengthen democracy, and support the sustainable use of natural resources in Kentucky and Central Appalachia. JTF support will help MACED continue its work to strengthen entrepreneurial ecosystems, organize the grassroots in frontline transition communities, and expand clean energy in coalfield communities.

Natural Capital Investment Fund
Shepherdstown, WV
Natural Capital Investment Fund (NCIF) advances sustainable development ineconomically distressed areas by providing affordable, flexible capital and advisory services to small and emerging businesses. The group is advancing economic diversification and the transition to a new economy in central Appalachia by expanding access to capital as well as capacity and field building that promotes the conditions for entrepreneurship. With JTF support, NCIF will expand deployment of its financial products and services, and its leadership role as a regional facilitator of the organization and implementation of transition strategies.

Generation West Virginia
Charleston, WV
Generation West Virginia (GWV) is a statewide organization dedicated to attracting, retaining, and advancing young talent in the state. With JTF support, GWV will expand its two holistic workforce development programs - the Impact Fellowship and NewForce - to create more jobs and career pathways in growing, diverse sectors in West Virginia. The Impact Fellowship creates new, entry-level jobs that allow people to stay, return home, or come to WV for the first time. NewForce is an employer-driven, 6-month, technology skills training program addressing the worker skill mismatch limiting new economy growth in the state.

Native Renewables
Oakland, CA
Native Renewables catalyzes clean energy for Native American homes and communities by building partnerships, seeking cost-effective solutions to reduce fossil fuel use, and supporting local economic development and technical capacity building. JTF funding will help the group launch its Solar Workforce Development Program, which will provide solar and electrical job training held on the Navajo and Hopi reservations. The training will provide in both in-classroom and hands-on learning of energy basics, photovoltaics, and battery storage, preparing Native American solar installers to build and maintain job-creating on-grid and off-grid systems.

Rural Action
The Plains, OH
Rural Action is a membership-based nonprofit community development organization working to build a more just economy in Appalachian Ohio by developing the region’s assets in environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable ways. With JTF support, the group will develop a whole-farm agricultural entrepreneurship program designed to connect beginning farmers with wrap-around services—peer-to-peer education and networks, business planning, a no-barrier food hub marketplace to sell their product, and micro capital—in order to grow their farm and forest business.

Sprouting Farms
Talcott, WV
Sprouting Farms supports the place-based economic transition in Central Appalachian by scaling up sustainable agriculture and economic development programs to create jobs in coal-impacted communities. JTF support will help match of $1.5 million ARC POWER proposal to facilitate place-based economic transition throughout Central Appalachia by scaling up existing sustainable agriculture and community economic development projects.

Policy +

RECLAIM Coalition
Charlottesville, VA
The RECLAIM Coalition, composed of Appalachian Voices, Appalachian Citizens’ Law Center, and the BlueGreen Alliance Foundation, seeks the passage of the RECLAIM Act, a bill in the U.S. House of Representatives that would provide an economic boost to communities struggling with the decline of the coal industry. With JTF support, the coalition will educate the public and key decision-makers about the importance of reclamation. The bill would create opportunities to reclaim abandoned coal mines for states and tribes across the country while creating new economic opportunities in these communities.

Planning and Capacity +

Generation West Virginia
Charleston, WV
Generation West Virginia (GWV) is a statewide organization dedicated to attracting, retaining, and advancing young talent in the state. JTF is serving as a fiscal sponsor and host company for GWV’s Impact Fellowship program, which creates new, entry-level jobs that allow people to stay, return home, or come to WV for the first time.

Appalachian Voices
Boone, NC
Appalachian Voices brings people together to protect the land, air, and water of Central and Southern Appalachia and advance a just transition to a generative and equitable clean energy economy. With JTF support, Appalachian Voices will expand its capacity to identify philanthropic grant-making entities whose values are aligned with the group’s vision and programmatic focus areas.

Rapid Response +

Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis
Cleveland, OH
The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) promotes the global transition to a diverse, sustainable and profitable energy economy. With JTF support, IEEFA will provide financial analysis and technical assistance to other JTF-supported organizations around the country, and will produce research on models for transition that can be used in a variety of locations.

Kentuckians for the Commonwealth
London, KY
Kentuckians for the Commonwealth (KFTC) works with communities to build a just and sustainable economy while addressing racial and economic inequality. KFTC and other groups have organized a 2019 Black Lung Bus Trip to Washington, DC, to advocate for increased funding for the Black Lung Disability Trust Fund. JTF support will help black lung-affected participants from Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, and other coal states to attend the trip, which includes public events and meetings with legislators.

Labor Network for Sustainability
Takoma Park, MD
The Labor Network for Sustainability (LNS) is dedicated to helping labor realize its self-interest in becoming a central player in the movement to address climate change, economic instability, and political deadlock, and to build a sustainable future for the planet and its people. With JTF support, LNS will convene over 200 individual climate and labor organizers, activists and leaders from across the nation in Chicago for two days of challenging conversations, training, workshops and information-sharing about just transition work that addresses both the existential threats of climate change and the growing economic crisis of inequality. Participants will work together to craft an action agenda for labor around climate change as well as a draft strategy for organizing around that agenda.

Southern Illinois Community Foundation
Marion, IL
The Southern Illinois Community Foundation is committed to creating an opportunity for donors to participate in local community development efforts to address the changing needs of our community through charitable giving. Southern Illinois has continuously been affected by the coal industry, and the region’s Jackson County has one of the highest poverty levels in the state of Illinois. With JTF support, the Foundation will organize a two-day event in Jackson County to provide southern Illinois communities, non-profits, businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals with education, resources and innovative ideas about opportunities in the changing economy.

Energy Efficient West Virginia
Charleston, WV
Energy Efficient West Virginia (EEWV) is a group of concerned West Virginia residents, businesses, and organizations organized to promote energy efficiency among residential, commercial, and industrial customers in the state. With JTF support, EEWV will create a grassroots and public response to the WV Public Service Commission’s plans to attempt to end energy efficiency programs in half of the state. The group will utilize a multi-pronged approach of litigating, expert witnesses, and grassroots outreach and communication to save the energy efficiency programs, with a special emphasis on businesses that benefit from energy efficiency programs.

Keystone Policy Center
Keystone, CO
Keystone Policy Center helps leaders move beyond fixed positions toward collaborative, action-oriented approaches to problem-solving by designing and executing stakeholder engagement processes on every scale to gather input, share information, and illuminate public policy options and next steps. Keystone will partner with the JTF to supplement JTF’s guidebook with additional perspectives. The organization will assess stakeholders and convene utilities to refine the guidebook and support communities as they implement it. Lessons learned will be incorporated into the Just Transition Fund guidebook.

Tolani Lake Enterprises
Winslow, AZ
Tolani Lake Enterprises (TLE) is a Native American-run community development corporation that cultivates healthy, safe, and prosperous communities by strengthening food, water, and economic systems for Native communities in the lower Little Colorado River valley, empowering youth, and promoting Native cultural knowledge. In Arizona, the Navajo Generating Station and Kayenta Mine shut down in summer 2019, and the Hopi and Navajo Nation have braced for major cuts in programs, hundreds of job losses and the decommissioning and reclamation at the station and mine. With JTF support, TLE will organize a workshop that will build a partnership between Native communities and identify opportunities that will become the foundation for a just transition.

Appalachian Citizens’ Law Center
Whitesburg, KY
The Appalachian Citizens’ Law Center (ACLC) is a nonprofit law firm that fights for justice in thecoalfields by representing coal miners and their families on issues of black lung and mine safetyand by working with grassroots groups and individuals to protect the land and people frommisuse and degradation caused by extractive industries. JTF support will help ACLC advocate for the RECLAIM Act, which would disburse $1 billion to clean up abandoned coal mines and spur redevelopment projects in communities struggling with the decline of coal across Appalachia and the country. The group anticipates an opportunity to tie the RECLAIM Act with a funding solution for the federal Black Lung Disability Trust Fund.

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