2022 Grantmaking Opportunities

We will offer three distinct grantmaking opportunities in 2022. We will support organizations rooted in communities most affected by the changing coal economy to scale up community economic development strategies and workforce programs, advance transition-related policy efforts, and access federal funds to support economic transition.

Federal Program Application Support

With historic levels of funding now available through a range of federal agencies, we have launched a grantmaking opportunity to help coal communities develop strong federal applications by providing, e.g., matching funds and grant writing assistance. Grants of up to $25,000 are now available, with requests considered on a rolling basis. More information can be found in our Request for Proposals here. (A guide to the broad range of relevant federal programs is available here.)

Grantmaking Cycles

We will also hold our two regular grantmaking cycles in 2022:

  • Community Economic and Workforce Development. This cycle will focus on efforts to create high road jobs, equitably build local prosperity and wealth, and improve the economic conditions of workers and marginalized community members. (This cycle launched in March and is now closed to new inquiries.)
  • Policy. This cycle will focus efforts to advance state and federal transition policies. (Please see the RFP here! Initial inquiries are due by August 8.)

When these cycles launch, we release a Request for Proposals with details about the funding criteria and application process. Please check back here for updates. We also announce Requests for Proposals via our newsletter; you can sign up here

Rapid Response Fund

Finally, we offer rapid response grants of up to $20,000 to help our community of grantees address urgent needs and opportunities. These grants are available to support time-sensitive efforts by our partners to advance model economic transition initiatives. Please contact Sara Sweeney at ssweeney@justtransitionfund.org for more information.