Grantmaking Approach

The Just Transition Fund is guided by a deep belief in the power and wisdom of communities to solve their own problems. Often, communities need financial assistance to implement and advocate for the solutions that work for them. We believe that frontline communities—those most affected—need the most assistance. Our grantmaking programs prioritize support for community-based organizations that are firmly rooted in the priority places in which we work and that embrace the goals of the Fund.

In 2019, the Just Transition Fund will hold three distinct grantmaking cycles that align with the Fund’s organizational goals and strategies. These grantmaking cycles are:

  • Community economic and workforce development
  • Policy
  • Capacity building

If your group works on transition, we want to hear from you. Please fill out our interest form to make sure your group is included in future grant RFPs. Only pre-approved organizations on our RFP list are invited to submit proposals.

In order to respond to immediate opportunities, we will also continue our Rapid Response Fund. The Fund is designed to help advocates respond to emerging threats and opportunities in real time.

Initially focused on the federal POWER program, an effort to help communities negatively impacted by the changing coal economy, the Fund’s capacity-building grants helped communities enhance the competitiveness of Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) POWER applications. In 2019, the Fund will continue to provide grants for both ARC POWER grants and Assistance to Coal Communities (ACC) grants from the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA). Groups may apply for grants to assist with these applications during any JTF grantmaking cycle.

Grantee Spotlight