Partner Opportunities

JTF works with and is supported by organizations committed to building a just transition for coal communities. Through our Network Partners, we connect public and private funding sources to the most impactful and scalable transition projects. Our Philanthropic Partners support JTF’s grantmaking activities, technical assistance, and operations.

After years of work on the ground, we can identify the most innovative, locally-led solutions to community-based workforce and economic development challenges. Local leaders trust us as partners and know that when they tell us what resources they need, we can swiftly deploy capital to where it will help the most through our regular grantmaking cycles and our rapid response fund.

The Fund strives to increase the impact of philanthropic resources on the transition field. Philanthropic support for the JTF is not intended to replace direct foundation support to anchor organizations or affected communities.

Partners have the opportunity to participate in the grantmaking process, join our national and topic-specific convenings, and access staff experts to help inform programming.


To learn more about partnering with the Just Transition Fund, get in touch: