Cindy Winland

Senior Fellow

Cindy is currently a Senior Fellow at the Just Transition Fund. She provides consulting assistance to the Fund, focusing on technical assistance and planning in communities impacted by the transition away from coal assets. Cindy’s work is focused in the Midwest in Illinois, Ohio, and Minnesota and has also done work in Montana in locations that pose unique opportunities to promote successful transitions. Winland is an urban planner with over thirty years of experience in the Great Lakes region, working with urban and rural municipalities, nonprofits, professional organizations, and the academic community. Winland’s background includes solid waste and brownfield management in the public sector, alternative energy development in the private sector, and assistance to legacy cities as part of a nonprofit. Before joining the Just Transition Fund and Delta, she owned a consulting firm based in Midland, MI, where she led efforts around brownfield redevelopment, industrial transition, alternative energy planning, and sustainable master planning. She earned a Master of Urban Planning and a BA in Economics at University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.