Leslie Craig

Administration and Systems Manager

Leslie is the Administration and Systems Manager for JTF, and serves as the Executive Assistant to Heidi Binko. She works with the entire team to make systems and processes run more smoothly, create and maintain structure and organization, and envision creative and people-focused solutions for the organization. Before joining JTF, Leslie was the Director of Administration and Communication for MSBCoach, an executive coaching firm in Charlottesville, Virginia. She has also worked with several different nonprofits in the areas of communication, administration, and donor relations. Leslie holds degrees from Wilmington College (Ohio) and Purdue University, where she attained her M.S. in Strategic Communications. Leslie lives in Charlottesville, VA, with her three daughters and a gigantic black lab mix named Apollo. To decompress, she finds energy in mental, physical, or emotional stillness through her meditation practice, walking and hiking in nature, and surrounding herself with tea, books and sunshine.